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Through this website, I hope to introduce you to a current and future eclectic selection of books that you will find thought-provoking and enjoyable whatever your specific interests may be. As you can see from the book covers displayed below, I have finished the first two books in the science fiction Mobis Trilogy and I’m working on the final book in that trilogy, The Obeldazi. The first two books are different from traditional science fiction tales in that they focus on the emotional experiences of being different―as an alien, or outsider―and of being at war and what those experiences can tell us about ourselves.

In a dramatic departure from my science fiction inclinations, as soon as I finish the third book, I intend to address a subject that has always fascinated me and that speaks volumes about the dark side of human nature. That is how the female of our species―our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters―have been devalued, marginalized and objectified throughout history and even today. For the Love of June is about the life of one of the bravest women I’ve ever known, and the difficult choices women have to make.

Next, I intend to write another non-fiction book that explores the nature of the ubiquitous evil in our world. Many people simply accept the biblical view that human evil is the collateral product of a supernatural struggle between God and Satan. I could never accept that simplistic explanation and came to believe we would benefit greatly by arriving at a more realistic and useful understanding of why we humans commit cruel and selfish acts.

I hope you will join me in my journey as I explore some important questions through my writing. If you feel inclined to share your personal thoughts about science fiction, women’s place in our culture or the nature of evil, I invite you to do so through my blog.

May you live long and prosper!


December 7, 2015

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And Just For Strategy Game Fans...

Zanoba Board Game


Zanoba Board Game

From another world and another time―

a game like no other. Uniquely challenging . . .

Totally different. Always fun!

The quest to become the Surjee.

You’re Face to Face . . .  The Pressure’s On . . .

Let the Fun Begin!

A radically new board game for players who enjoy the challenge of face-to-face competition―a futuristic strategy game with a science fiction twist.

For two players ages 12 and up. Playing time: about 30 minutes.

Designed for tournament play by teams of two to four players.

Zanoba’s unique qualification system ranks players by class. Players can challenge each other and, by winning, advance to the next level.

There will be tremendous pressure and lots of strategy as the smartest players compete for the title of Surgee (the Senoobian Top Gun).

Board size:  15½ X 15½  with 16 game pieces

Available January 2016


Go to  www.zanoba.net  for more information or to order your copy.

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